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[*Mature Viewing Recommended*]
This channel is an offshoot of my Official Facebook Group
BROTHER SOUL'S Vintage Radio Variety Theater / Comix/ Film & Book Reviews! Where we showcase a variety of POP CULTURE EPHEMERA.
 Hello, I'm Actor/Filmmaker/Author/ Multi-Media Artist/Comic Book Creator : Tony 'Tex' Watt [aka Brother Soul.

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for subscribing to this Channel(:
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--- This Channel platform site, first started out as an offshoot of the 'Kount Kracula Review Showcase' Programme....then in Feb. 2020, I created 'Brother Soul', a winged comic-book type alt-superhero  / 'crooner'  & retro pulp-styled adventure character [that I improvised onstage @ Toronto's infamous private 'Celebrity Club' [on the Esplanade], that is supposed to be played, in a wacky  'weird fiction' pod-cast played [ as a kind of 30s & 40s homage to shows like: the   Batman Radio Theater Show-meets-The Jack Benny ( Music Theatre)Radio Program.
Said pulp-fiction-type retro-hero, is [ &like, basically,  in alt-comics:] a self-parody of Myself/Meet's Marvel /DC Comics...except, I'm a crooning, hero-for-hire priest with wings..that operates a shared office-space, that has the Soul Cave & an Arctic 'Fortress Of Soul-itude"... [the Official Facebook Group is here] ....We have the related videos shown here with a plethora of other fun stuff...while it lasts!(;
 , --- ---comes The Related  BROTHER SOUL Multi-Media Sites_:________________________ 
1/ [AUDIO PODCAST] 1/ [AUDIO PODCAST] - Ongoing [Making of/Bloopers filled] "BROTHER SOUL'S: CITIZEN SOUL- The Multi-Media making of a WEIRD FICTION Broadcast Series of Errorz Rockumentary!" @
 ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2/ [VIDEO PODCAsT] BROTHER SOUL'S Vintage Radio Variety Theater BEHIND-THE-SCREAMS promo-preview, @
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4/ Official Vimeo on Demand movie [VOD] Site:

5/ Official IMDb link:

Official BROTHER SOULFB Group: - Dedicated to my Mom : Ada. ------------------------------------
   That said..this TWI Network Channel is an independent extension of my  Toronto-based, North American, Exploitation B-Movie Studio Media, was originall supposed to show the process of creating a series, called 'BROTHER SOUL'S Vintage Radio Variety Theater BEHIND-THE-SCREAMS', to show the creation of said multi-media project & then the challenging times, of March 2020, when the 'Space Duck' virus  hit, Toronto, Canada [Part one  of of the making of the 'Brother Soul' pop-culture multi-media project. c/o 's video link to  'BROTHER SOUL'S Vintage Radio Variety Theater BEHIND-THE-SCREAMS' is here: ]
  .Myself & my filmmaker/musician friends/associates, cannot now, cannot play at LIVE venues, or showcase ther films at my live theatrical showcases  anymore we are helping each other's spirits in these troubled times.... with me promoting/showcasing said folks in sending out remote/ self-quarantined podcasts to each other & close firends, via this Channel & the Official Face, like in the Old Radio in The Great War...through the WAR AMPS LOVE-IN Podcast Initiative to send positive spirits to everyone in similar remote situations [civvies included], to stay connected.

This WEB- T.V. Network Channel/ Video Content Provider/ Entertainment News Network, showcases Localy filmmed Toronto/GTA content, as well as weird, classic and unusual 60s, 70s & 80s vintage and neo/retro cult trailers, music, ads, short movie clips, PSA films,freaky cult clips and related folks!

For a quick preview see the 'Trailer', above. You also can see examples of our wacky programming in
the 'Content' area, like: 'Kount Kracula's Review Showcase'.

Indie Filmmakers, can submit related content to [email protected]
to add to our growing Network.

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Content is added everyday, from Kount K.'s Cinematic Vault!

Also, good word-of-mouth from you Tex Watt /Kount Kracula fans has really helped us get started by referering the above website and/or finding us at

The 'Kount Kracula Review Showcase' project started out (in 2013) as just an underground entertainment t.v. news-program, produced by [B-filmmaker/actor] Tex Watt; the far-out, crack vampire/horror host: Kount Kracula's alter ego .

This campy, gothic, Toronto/Hamilton,Ont., Canada-based (comic-book /graphic novel / movie / pop-culture ephemera) review showcase t.v. series; featuring Kount Kracula's revolving series of guest hosts [with an expanding cast of groovy ghoulies!], has been expanded to become the 'KKRS Network'; to include not only the KKRS Show, but [as mentioned previously] The Kount's extended kitschy, garish, low-brow kollection of obscure neo-retro & vintage film projects, educational movies, trailers, music, shorts and commercials. With so much fun stuff going on all the time, this network is just perfect for folks with shrinking attention spans, like the kooky Kount's!
So please subscribe 'low-kulture' freaks...

So that Kracula , Tex Watt & Brother Soul can continue their quest to fracture fragile minds and expand 'low-brow' the kino-kraving hipster kraniums, of 'Krac-Heads', everywhere!

[*Mature Viewing Recommended*]
- Respectully
TEX WATT [ aka Kount Kracula, aka Brother Soul]
Somewhere-In-Toronto, Canada
 P.S..-BROTHER SOUL 'OFFICIALLY' SUPPORTS THE #GiveMelBlancAnOscar Hashtag!© MMXX TonyWatt., & TWI Studios c/o , All Rights RESERVED 

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